Skype, Delphi, and Nice UK Job

As you know Skype is written in Delphi. And now they are looking for a developer based in UK.

Web Android Application for Delphi DataSnap

I've built a simple Web Android Application based on the jQuery Mobile client connected to a Delphi DataSnap server I already blogged about.

Delphi XE2 Update 3

Embarcadero has released Update 3 for Delphi XE2, continuing with an almost monthly update cycle.

Delphi Developer Days 2012 Official Announcement

Cary Jensen and myself are officially kicking off the new edition of DDD, with 6 stops in Europe and US in March-May 2012

24 Hours of Delphi Today

In an hour or so David I will kick off a new 24-hours of Delphi event, featuring also myself (around 7pm, European time).

My Year in Cities, 2011

As it is now a tradition on this blog, this is my 2011 in terms of cities I've been to, with a few new entries.