Tweets and Retweets #24

It's been a while since I last blogged my tweets... and retweets. Worth getting over some news and links that didn't get to my blog.

First Delphi XAML App for WinRT (by Thom Gerdes)

Thom Gerdes of Embarcadero has posted on Google+ about a simple Delphi application he built for WinRT, the new Windows 8 runtime.

Article: Azure Applications with Delphi XE

SDN has published online an article I've written on using Azure cloud services in Delphi XE.

Microsoft Disables Chrome

Microsoft Security Essentials just asked me to remove a dangerous application: Google's Chrome browser. Dangerous it is, but for Microsoft, not for me.

CodeRage6 Next Week

Next week will see the 6th edition of Embarcadero's online conference, mostly focused on Delphi development. Don't miss this content-packed online event: It's free!

CodeRage6 First Day

The first day of CodeRage 6 saw JT's Delphi product address and a number of in-depth technical sessions, including a couple of myself.

CodeRage6 Second Day

Second day at CodeRage6 with more sessions, replays, links, my source code and some interesting offers (including my ebook).

From VCL to FireMonkey

A significant issue for Delphi developers (and a hot topic at CodeRage 6) is how to migrate VCL applications to FireMonkey or make VCL and FM forms coexist in a single application.

CodeRage6 Third Day

Less activity for me today at CodeRage, but I did attend a few sessions. And here are some more links, code downloads and extra information.

CodeRage6 Fourth Day

Another day at CodeRage6, but having real work to do I missed most sessions. Good replays are already online. Some related links and ideas.

CodeRage6 Fifth Day and Wrap Up

CodeRage6 ended with a shorter last day. Here are some more thoughts and a recap.

My FireMonkey Webinar Announced

The webinar on FireMonkey I've prepared for Embarcadero technologies has been announced. The white paper and videos should follow soon.