Looks Like Delphi is Producing Win64 Applications

A couple of weeks ago, Mark Edington of the Delphi R&D team shared an image of a familiar IDE targeting Win64.

Tweets and Retweets #6

Another round of tweets... with lots of 64 bit and more.

Blaise Pascal for Delphi Starter

The only Delphi magazine out there, Blaise Pascal, has released a free special issue focused on Delphi XE Starter edition.

Delphi XE Enterprise Double Discount

I don't generally blog about commercial offers, but this one can be quite interesting for many of you, so I think it is worth to mention.

Tweets and Retweets #7

No specific theme for my tweets this week, with topics ranging from Delphi offers to Delphi Developer days, and from a Delphi hot fix to the Japan Earthquake.

My Delphi Developer Days 2011 Sessions

I just realized I haven't blogged about the sessions I'm going to give at the DDD 2011 events in the US and Europe in the coming months and for which I'm currently preparing the material.

150 Years of Italy

Yesterday was Italy's 150 birthday. A day off work... and a strange celebration.

Tweets and Retweets #8

Another dense week, with a few funny posts I re-tweeted and a couple of interesting announcements. Enjoy.

Delphi Developer Days 2011 Guest Speakers

An addition to the program of Delphi Developer Days in 2011 will be the presence of a guest speaker in each city.

Understanding Embarcadero AppWave

Two days ago Embarcadero gave a public webinar about a very interesting (and very bold) new initiative, called AppWave, which wants to turn applications into commodities on Windows much like Apple and Google have done for their phones.

Tweets and Retweets #7

Tweets and retweets about Delphi Developer Days (and the guest speakers), AppWave, plus posts by a couple of long time Friends.

Delphi ClientDataSet Book (by Cary Jensen)

Cary Jensen has released a brand new Delphi book focused on a very common component, the ClientDataSet. I think this is good news for Delphi, and an experiment I'll be watching closely.