Delphi XE Released

While I was still in vacation, Delphi XE has been released. So this is now old news... but here are some further ideas and launch events I'm participating.

BlackFish SQL Gone in Delphi XE, What About a Replacement?

BlackFish SQL, the .NET database installed with recent versions of Delphi, is not part of Delphi XE... and it seems Embarcadero pulled the plug on it. But what about having a native alternative?

Goodies and Bugs in Delphi XE

An article about Goodies in XE and some thoughts about bugs being fixed and bugs being added.

5 Years of Blog

This blog is 5 years old today and has 828 posts.

Delphi XE Launch Paris

Last Thursday I was in Paris for the Delphi XE launch, part of a number of Delphi presentations in France called "Codeway Tour".

Old Code Downloads on DropBox

I'm moved most of my old book source code downloads to DropBox.

SDTimes reviews... next year Delphi!

SD Times has a review of RAD Studio XE, but they get quite a few things wrong, including features Delphi will have next year.

The Delphi XE Events in Rome and Milan

This week I was busy with the Delphi XE launch events in Italy, in Rome and Milan. Here are a few tidbits and links to reports and pictures.

ITDevCon 2010: European Delphi Conference

Next November, the city of Verona (Italy) will see the second edition of ITDevCon, a two days Delphi conference with top speakers from all over the world. With most tracks in English, it is truly the European Delphi Conference.