This post is actually a collection of small ones (should probably start an "small tidbits" series of posts like Nick Hodges does -- congrats on the new job, by the way).

1. There is a nice article about "Goodies in Delphi XE" by Jan. Short and effective, a good read to learn why bother about XE.

2. There have been many discussions about the number of bugs in Embarcadero's Quality Central (including some long standing ones) being fixed, marked as fixes, closed and all of that. The system is not free of failures, probably also due to the fact that this is an external bug tracking different from the internal "real" one. Still, the effort they've put into clearing the bugs backlog nas been significant, much mroe than in the past. Also a number of bugs I've opened have been fixed and have been closed. Good. Of course, we'd want more...

3. Another interesting issue related with bugs is that soon after shipping XE, a user noticed a memory-draining bug in the IDE, as you can read in this thread... and in a very short time R&D members mentioned having a a patch ready for internal testing. No software product is bug free, but acting on a report promptly is what matters most, in my opinion. 

4. My last blog post on BlackFIsh SQL raised many interesting comments. Seems SQLite is getting very popular among Delphi developers... Will probably blog again on this.