Delphi Super-Duper Strings

Follow my thoughts from strings optimizations to strings in Delphi: we are so used to have power at hand that we forget.

VB2Delphi Migration Kit (by Albert Almeida)

Albert Almeida has released an updated and much improved version of his Visual Basic 6 to Delphi migration toolkit, which is hosted on my web site.

Anders and User Groups at Delphi Dev Days

Delphi Developer Days Update: Anders Ohlsson will give keynote, the locations will host also free user group meetings, and some more.

Twitter Down and Rebooting

This morning twitter was down for some time. I captured a couple of screen shots.

Embarcadero All-Access

Embarcadero (owner of the CodeGear brand) is about to launch a subscription-based licensing deal.

Delphi Podcast on Delphi Developer Days

A Delphi Podcast featuring me and Cary Jensen discussing our Delphi Developer Days event, plus more thoughts about the Delphi community, is online, thanks to Jim McKeeth.

Official Release of All-Access

Embarcadero Technology has formally launched All-Access, its new subscription based offering.

Delphi 2009 Handbook Review on delphi.about.com

Zarko Gajic of About.com has just published a review of my latest book on Delphi 2009.

Migrating to Delphi 2009 (by Andreano Lanusse)

The Embarcadero Developer Network has a very nice paper by Andreano Lanusse listing all of the new features of Delphi 2009 since Delphi 7.

A Tough 2008 for Borland

Borland 2008 Financial Reports show lots of problems... for the former owner of Delphi.