February 27, 2009

A Tough 2008 for Borland

Borland 2008 Financial Reports show lots of problems... for the former owner of Delphi.

It is not like in the past, when Borland financial status affected the Delphi community, but I guess I tend to be too romantic to be happy to see the "Borland" brand name disappear, although they messed up Delphi so much they sort of deserve it...

In any case, Borland 2008 financial reports show they are earning much less than expected and the former excessive evaluation of their assets (the CodeGear division included) is now showing up. Notice, in fact, that actual loss (non-GAAP) is not as dramatic as their GAAP net loss of 215.7 million USD for the year (in which their revenue fell to 129 million USD for the year). More information on:

Stack closed at 0.42 yesterday, but is up 15% at 0.49 in after hours (and after financial report) tradings. Maybe people were expecting even worse numbers!




A Tough 2008 for Borland 

Look at the stock-based compensations...
Comment by Luigi D .Sandon on February 27, 10:34

A Tough 2008 for Borland 

Its a pity for the people that work for them, but lets
be realistics, Borland is in this troubles since a
whole decade plenty of really bad decitions.
That 2008 Q4 numbers and that stock price suck a lot.
Seems we will have the chance of buying the Borland
brandname for a couple of cents in a few years after all.
Comment by Javier Santo Domingo on February 27, 18:29

A Tough 2008 for Borland 

 I hope Embarcadero has right of first refusal to buy 
anything they have cross licensed from Borland as 
part of the CodeGear buyout in the even that Borland 
meets its ultimate (and well deserved in the opinion 
of many) fate.
Comment by Xepol on February 27, 19:25

A Tough 2008 for Borland 

 Like many of you, I do not feel comforted by the
Borland's financial woes. Yes, much of is the damage
is the culmination of self-inflicted injuries, and for
the rest all anyone can say is there is a cautionary
tale here for would-be software language marketers. 

What makes a lump in my throat is the future under
Codegear seems to be headed down the same narrow,
thorny, dark road at which end oblivion lies for
Delphi and Builder. The new licensing model that's
been announced doesn't look at all promising as a way
to build market share. It's not easy to accept that
the future of the Borland language tools many of us, a
dying breed, have come to love over the past 20 years.
Comment by PrinceR on March 3, 23:17

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