February 18, 2009

Official Release of All-Access

Embarcadero Technology has formally launched All-Access, its new subscription based offering.

As a follow up of my recent blog post introeducing the news, Embarcadero Technologies has provided over the last two days a lot more information (including a detailed reply by Gregg Keller on my blog post)... and hours ago the official press release of its new All-Access subscription. As anticipated, this is a single subscription to all of the company developemnt and database tools, covering 18 products in various versions. You can pick a subscription level and get products of the corresponding lever. For example the Bronze subscription corresponds to the Professional version of the IDEs, Silver to Enterprise, and higher verisons are mostly intended for the high end database management tools.

The product web site is online at http://www.embarcadero.com/products/all_access/. This has the complete information, including levels (Bronze to Platinum), the supported database platforms, and the end user licence agreement. You have to read the fine prints, because the IDE licences are less flexible in terms of multiple installations per user than we are used to. Level details are here

Notice that compared to past "maintenance" dleas for Delphi: (i) you pay more the first year, but not as much, particularly when upgrading (ii) if you stop paying you keep the products in their current version (so it is not really a subscription model), (iii) at Silver/Enterprise level I've been told you'll be paying only a little more than the RAD Studio subscription price, but you end up with a plethora of tools (iv) you can keep buying indovidual licences as in the past (you are not forced into thsi deal if you are not interested).

Below you can see the short introductory video by CEO Wayne Williams:

 Here are a few more links:

I think it is a very good move, but again not for all current Delphi developer. Everyone else can keep buying individual update... and please don't tell that recent versions of Delphi (like 2007 and 2009) had limited new features! I won't believe you...



Official Release of All-Access 


did Embarcadero mention how much the levels will cost?

Comment by Levend [] on February 18, 18:22

Official Release of All-Access 

I just wonder if they really understand how 
developers work. I agree they have to keep control of 
licenses, but for a developer is common to have his 
tools installed on a workstation (I hate working on 
laptops when at the office), a laptop (when on the 
road...) and maybe even at home (even if you are ill 
you may be asked to fix/add something suddendly).
Also I wonder how their licensing works for build 
It looks to me they still have to understand the 
application developer needs better - they may be 
pretty different from database dbas and developers.
Comment by Luigi D .Sandon [http://www.sandon.it] on February 18, 19:12

Official Release of All-Access 

I bought myself a Mac a year ago. For a while I've been playing with 
Xcode, Cocoa and Objective - C, and honestly, my passion for Delphi has 
Comment by henry [] on February 18, 20:55

Official Release of All-Access 

Hmm - yes, its a very nice package, however, what 
happened to the "No Nonsense" License Agreement ?

Why do we suddenly need license servers in order to 
be a "Named User" working on different computers ?

I admit i haven't read all the details, but will i be 
able to do development on my laptop off-site being 
a "Named User" ?

Anyways, lets see what the future brings. I guess 
this new product will be the source of a few 
discussions in the near future ;o)

Just my 2c
Comment by Jan on February 18, 21:58

new video 

Another interesting video 

video - Developer Software Suite from Embarcadero

Comment by El Cy on February 18, 22:57

Official Release of All-Access 

You won't believe me...  I don't care.  Trust me, 
plenty of people are not satisfied with the D2009 

Also, you think yours is the only site to post 
comments.  What's your point "my way or the highway".  
You think it a good plan, I think it's a bad plan. 
Don't worry this will be my last posting.
Comment by Brett Graffin [] on February 18, 23:18

Official Release of All-Access 

Having 4x RAD Studio Enterprise with Software 

1. Where is my “attractive” cross grade option?
2. Most developers have an Office PC, Notebook PC 
(taken to clients where development might take place –
 how does the license server work now?) and a home 
PC. ALL these PCs need the software licensed.
3. Also needs to be transferable (I own all 4 
licenses and use one, if someone quits RAD Studio 
gets uninstalled and installed on his replacements PC)
4. Can I cross grade 1 out of the 4 licenses if all 4 
is under the same SA.

I do not think the new schemes will suit everyone.

I do think that Codegear should have included some 
Embarcadero DB utilities into the RAD Studio 
Enterprise 2009 SKU though. (After removing all the 
extra "Borland" stuff we got with 2005 (Professional 
Source control & Requirement management), MS SQL, 
dumping C# and the price staying the same)
Comment by JP on February 19, 04:58

Official Release of All-Access 

Lol, some time ago the name "CodeTear" poped out from
my head as a result of bad updates, and now all this
situation gave me the "Embargadero" one.

Honestly, all this All-Access stuff only sound good
for companies which use ALL that kind of tools, and
its fine that Embarcadero take care of them, but
individual developers dont care about this
subscription-like-or-what-ever-it-is model. In fact, i
totally agree with Luigi about the developers
licensing needs.

So, i think the Embarcadero brains should think about
some ideas also for the individual developers out
there... we are so many. How about a cheaper Delphi
license??? heh, that may increase the sales for sure,
also many will update from old versions and stuff like

Also i think they should put some effort to not
continue the bastardization of Delphi, Borland already
made a lot of that in the past, and now it seems to be
sinking in the sea of the DB-stuff. The manager-like
idea of merging all-the-tools in one package does not
help at all. Give Delphi the place it deserves and you
will see it win.
Comment by Javier Santo Domingo on February 21, 01:35

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