Delphi as a Brand in Delphi For PHP?

With the release of a product called Delphi but without the Delphi language, people are trying to figure our what "Delphi" means... I don't know, but have some ideas.

Rescheduling the CodeGear Online Training

The online class I was supposed to give next week for CodeGear is being rescheduled.

Zack on Delphi for PHP

One of the "fathers" of Delphi blogs about the new CodeGear tool.

Hardware Failures and Windows Vista

I've been busy to figure out why my Vista system was getting blue screens in a row... end up it was a memory chip failure.

CodeGear Ponders Ruby Support

Micheal Swindell comments on Mike Pence blog on Ruby.

Five Things on Delphi 2007

I've been tagged by Ben Smith, so here are my 5 things.

Assert in Vista Final

I know the name of one file and folder Vista was compiled from.

CodeRage 2007 _1: Object Pascal is Back

The CodeGear virtual Conference has started with real bandwidth problems... and a hidden announcement, the original name of the Delphi language is back.

CodeRage 2007 _2: Getting Ready for The Fun Side

With bandwidth problems somewhat under control, and a crash on my own server, I'm getting ready for my own CodeRage presentation (6 a.m. Pacific time, 2 p.m. European time).

CodeRage 2007 _3: Better Experience, Nice Conference

The third day of CodeGear Online Conference will start soon, the second was much better quality-wise.

Stolen Blog Entries

I found a blog that is stealing my entries verbatim and republishing them.

Microsoft Retires Visual Jsharp

Microsoft has an interesting way of killing one of the Visual Studio personalities.

CodeRage 2007 _4: Lot of Content

Many sessions continue to provide insight in Delphi 2007 and a lot of technical information overall... and I chatted a bit as well.

CodeRage 2007 _5: Wrapping Up

Today is the final day of CodeRage, CodeGear's online conference. Overall, a very nice experience. Plus CodeGear revenues and Delphi almost shipping.

CodeRage 2007 _6: Final News (and Delphi 2007 Shipping)

There was more, so here is another post... and Delphi 2007 is shipping.

Getting Ready for the Delphi 2007 Launch in Italy

Tomorrow in Milan and Thursday in Rome, I'll take part in the launch of Delphi 2007 in Italy.

Delphi 2007, Milan and Rome

I'm traveling back from Rome, after the second Italian stop of the Delphi 2007 and Delphi for PHP launch.

Milan and Rome Video

My friends at bitTime have posted on YouTube a recording with snippets of my talks last week.

Melbourne, Australia

I'm in Melbourne at the moment, getting ready for the ADUG Symposium.

Brisbane, Australia

Second stop of the ADUG symposium is Brisbane, where I just finished speaking.

Delphi for PHP Versus Kylix

As you are probably already aware of, Delphi for PHP is now shipping. And CodeGear has a new logo. But my comments drift towards Kylix.

CodeGear Ahead of Microsoft on Vista Support

Odd as it might sound, CodeGear is well ahead of Microsoft in supporting Vista specific features (like the Aero Glass UI) at a higher level than having to do direct API calls. And Microsoft is also killing FoxPro.