DevCo Tech Blogs: Exceptions, Code Completion, VCL Stuff

Over the last wweek there have been a few interesting technical posts in DevCo blogs... by Allen, Steve, and Nick.

Kylix from Inside (by Michael Swindell)

In a set of newsgroup posts, DevCo Product Manager Michael Swindell tells us a lot about the internals of the Kylix project.

The Register: Borland delaying results, closing DTG sale?

Borland has dalayed quarterly results by 5 days. The reason was not given and The Register speculates...

My Tips: Indy and GMail

A practical Delphi tip: how to send email to/from GMail using Indy.

Tim Jarvis on Unmanaged Exports (and Mixed Mode , Again)

In his blog, Tim Jarvis shows how to call the cryptographic classes of the .NET library from a Delphi Win32 application.

Delphi 2006 CF: Take Three

Once again, Borland fails to promote the full Delphi 2006 CF support.

CF Post: Some Clarifications

I got a lot of complaints because I my last post on CF. So let me try to explain myself better.

Debates about Delphi for .NET and VCL.NET

A talk on moving from Delphi to .NET at Microsoft TechEd conference are spawned some online discussion.

New CodeGear Company

News is spreading. Borland DTG Group (DevCo) becomes CodeGear and remains owned by Borland.

CodeGear, more info

A few more blog entires, with limited new information.

Welcome CodeGear!

A new company for Delphi means a lot for the future of the product, and of development tools in general.

Delphi Seaches on Google Coop

I was finializing my work on a custom Google search engine for Delphi... when I saw another one was announced. Anyway, mine has been online for some time now, even if hidden...

Ten Years of Torry's

The Torry's Delphi Pages, one of the best site for Delphi components, turn 10.

My Ramblings on Delphi and the Web

The rise of AJAX can mean a lot of positive things for Delphi on the web. Here is a (rather long) post with my ramblings... discussing different scenarios and options.

Google Gadgets... Written in Delphi

Google Gadgets are small areas on web pages hosted by Google Personalized home page, whcih can use AJAX and a Delphi/Kylix backend.

MySQL, InterBase, FireBird, SQL Server: Prices and Licences

Yesterday I hosted an InterBase 2007 seminar, today I read a very odd description of MySQL... so here are my thoughts on database licensing and prices.

Delphi Certification Study Guides

I'm mentioned in the Delphi Certification Study Guides... but I don't really get the value of the Certifications for programmers and found a few amusing errors.

Amazon aStore on This Blog

I've added a bookstore section to my blog site, using the new Amazon aStore.

CodeGear, ALM, Borland, and More

Two weeks after the CodeGear announcement, there is more info (Allen Bauer is blogging again, for example), and I do have more thoughts.