Thorpe, Windows Live Dev, and Web Services

My thoughts and a bunch of links after a free flow of web browsing... starting with a visit to Danny's blog.

Compiling Kylix Applications

As people know I use Kylix, I often get asked how I use the compiler and wether I use the full Kylix IDE.

Germany - Italy: 0 - 2

Nothing do to with Delphi, for once...

Allen Bauer on the DCU format

An interesting post, worth mentioning.

Delphi 2006 CF Disinformation on BDN Continues

It is hopeless. Can you Borland/DevCo please start telling what your product can do? The Delphi 2006 IDE can compile CF apps. Why do you keep saying the opposite?

CF Disinformation Stopped, BDN Article Fixed (in Record Time)

My last post might have been a little to aggressive... but I have to say the reaction was fast and very positive. The information is now correct.

Italy Wins FIFA World Cup

Another non-Delphi post... well deserved.

EuroDevCon 2006 in Frankfurt in September

I'll speak at the European Borland/DevCo conference, "The Conference for the Borland Tools Division", scheduled for September 25th-29th in Frankfurt, Germany.

Unicode VCL (from Nick First "Delphi Hour")

A couple of interesting announcements in the Delphi Hour hosted last week by Nick Hodges.

Russinovich and ProcessXP Move to Microsoft

Microsoft has bought Winternals Software LP, probably mostly to hire its two founders, tech gurus Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell.

Delphi Veteran Charlie Calvert joins Microsoft

Charlie, long time Delphi guru and excellent book author, has joined Microsoft from Falafel.

Delphi Class in Alabama

Next week I'll be in the US to teach an advanced Delphi class.