Borland's Developer Tools Group

Borland has formally announced a Developer Tools Group, an internal deivision with 180 employees.

Delphi past its peak? Here comes another language war...

Larry O'Brien and David I have started an interesting discussion about Delphi, other languages, IDEs, and the like. Here is my take.

Amazon's Concordance for Mastering Delphi 2005

Amazon is providing "concordance" for books for which they have searcheable content... including my Mastering Delphi 2005.

A Book on Google

I'm reading an interesting book.

Larry O'Brien Replies to my Post

Larry has replied to my post about his post...

SDC 2006, Papendal - Netherlands

I'm at the Software Developers Conference of the Dutch Software Developer Network, a nice multi-tool conference covering Visual Studio, Delphi, and more.

Delphi and AJAX White Paper

I've added to my AJAX demo site a detailed technical paper describing how I built it.

Save me from Cleverness... and Curly Braces

An article by Peter Coffee, a comment by Ray Konopka, and jet another Delphi thread on Joel's discussion board.

Opening my Delphi Wizards

For the SDC conference, I recently got back working on a set of wizards I built with Delphi's Open Tools API (OTA). How should I make the code available?

Suggesting DevCo Name

DevCo is looking for a name... and suggestions. Name debate is hot!

DevCo, InterBase, and Firebird

I'm really hoping that DevCo finds a smarter way to live along with Firebird... rather than pretending to ignore it.