Starting a Blog

My first post, the start of a blog

Why Delphi?

The reasons I like and use Borland Delphi as my primay development environment: nice language, handy IDE, great community...

Why XML?

The reasons I like and use XML-related technologies.

RSS Blues

I've been trying to fix the problems with the RSS for my blog, only to figure out a few odd problems with this pupolar XML standard.

Fall Delphi Conferences

The US Borland Developer's Conference gets also a European version, plus there is EKON next week. Lot's of Delphi-related conferences this fall (and lots of talks for me).

My Copies of Mastering Borland Delphi 2005

I finally got the author copies of my last book.

Delphi for .NET CF

I've recently used the Delphi for .NET CF preview compiler to create an application. Troublesome at times, but nice.


Some of the reasons I use XSLT whenever possible for building dynamic web sites, and also in many other circumstances.

Nick and Allen Blog About Me

Two recent blog entries refer to my blog and my new book.

Delphi Power (e)Book

I'm looking for a reasonable business model for publishing a freely available ebook on Delphi.


Asyncronous JAvascript XML is not really a brand new Web technology, but its usage is rapidly changing the way users perceive web applications. The browser is indeed becoming a platform!

Delphi Roadmap (by David I)

At the EKON conference David I has revealed a lot about the future of Delphi and of the VCL.

Dexter Features (by Jason Vokes)

At EKON9 Jason Volkes has given out many details of the next version of Delphi.