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August 2, 2011

RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information

Embarcadero is advertising a "RAD Studio XE2 World Tour" clearly leading to the new product announcement. Not much information is available for now.

World Tour

Embarcadero is advertising a "RAD Studio XE2 World Tour" clearly leading to the new product announcement. You can see the world tour and already book many cities (there are currently over 70 locations listed!) at:

Next Delphi? XE2

What will be on display, that is, what will be in the next version of Delphi? Not much information is available for now at the main site, only a list of topics:


  • Create GPU-powered FireMonkey applications that will keep your customers engaged
  • Build 64-bit Delphi applications to take advantage of the latest hardware
  • Create a single application and target both Windows and OS X
  • Extend your multi-tier DataSnap applications with new mobile and cloud connectivity in RAD Cloud
  • Connect any visual element to any type of data using LiveBindings™
  • Modernize the look and feel of your Windows applications with VCL styles


However, there is also some description of 64 bit and the brand new FireMonkey initiative:

"With RAD Studio XE2, you will be able to create 64-bit Windows Delphi applications to take advantage of the latest hardware, access more memory, and push the performance envelope. You will be able to deploy your applications to Windows and Mac and more. And with FireMonkey™, the GPU-powered next-generation application platform, you’ll be able to create visually stunning HD and 3D business applications that are more immersive and interactive than anything on the market." 

These two lines on FireMonkey are certainly interesting... we'll probably find out more soon. Still, given that the nam is not public, I got back my FireMonkey Trademark post from the "limbo" it was sent into a while back.

I'll also be on the XE2 Tour

I'll blog more about this in the coming weeks, but I expect to take part at a few special stops of this tour (nothing confirmed so far, though), plus the Italian regular events. I should be in Paris (France), Koln (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Rome (Italy). A busy month of September.




RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information 

I also hope that XE2 will be available to subscribers 
soon. Couldn't find any info about that though... We'll 
just have to wait I guess.
Comment by Birger Jansen [] on August 2, 13:27

FireMonkey? Just to create confusion 

Who selected the "FireMonkey" brand should be "fired" :)
It just creates confusion and make people think it's
something related to Firefox (and Gecko and XUL). It
has very little to do with other Delphi names. Another
example of very bad marketing? Names are important.
However my bet it will be abandoned within two-three
releases. If vector GUI will become the standard, it
will be the OS GUI to win.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on August 2, 16:34

RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information 

 FireMonkey really does not make much sense to me. I 
have already suggested (an year or two ago) the name 
Sparta but Nick Hodges but that time assured me it won't 
be the case (

Comment by Gad D Lord [] on August 2, 19:24

RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information 

 So semms that who the cross linux compilation has
been delayed again. Is still 2 years that I am waiting
for that. Dont you imagine that a this point who need
that could seriusly plan to change development platform?
Comment by Angelo Mangiaracina on August 3, 07:47

RAD Studio XE2 Tour and Information 

Sparta is actually quite a good name, suggesting
efficiency and resilience. Unless it's taken already.
Comment by DelfiPhan on August 3, 09:27

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