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March, 2019

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Selling your Delphi apps via Microsoft Store is now Cheaper

Delphi has offered support for Microsoft Store (or Windows Store) via Desktop Bridge for quite some time. The good news is this just became a cheaper option for developers. -- Read blog post.

Attending Spring4D Conference Next Month in Italy

On April 17th and 18th there will be a new Delphi-related conference focused on the Spring4D in Bergamo, Italy, with Stefan and Primoz covering the library in details. I plan attending the event, to learn more about Spring4D and chat with the presenters and the Delphi developers in the audience. -- Read blog post.

Classic Tips: VCL Multi Column ListBox

When using a classic Windows List Box (using the VCl TListBox) how can you have multiple columns of data? The operating system offers two alternative ways, and this can be confusing. -- Read blog post.