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March, 2018

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Running a Delphi Linux Application on Google Cloud Shell

Google has made available to all its users a Linux Shell to interact with their Cloud Services. It is an online Linux machine you can use... also for running Delphi Linux applications. -- Read blog post.

Speaking in London About Delphi Tokyo on Thursday, March 15th

Next week I'll be presenting a live session in London, UK. If you can join, this would also be good chance to have a chat and offer me feedback about RAD Studio in general and Delphi specifically. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Month #58

It has been way too much time since I shared a few relevant blog posts, so just providing some key ones, and hope to get back to a monthly schedule. -- Read blog post.

Delphi 10.2.3 is Now Available

Delphi Tokyo Update 3 has been released today -- Read blog post.

RAD Server Support for Web Files in RAD Studio 10.2.3

RAD Studio 10.2.3 version of RAD Server adds support for directly mapping and returning web related file, a handy feature when using the local development and debugging version -- Read blog post.

RTL Enhancements in RAD Studio 10.2.3

In this bog post, I want to highlight a few fixed and changes in the Delphi RTL for RAD Studio 10.2.3 update. -- Read blog post.

Database and FireDAC Enhancements in RAD Studio 10.2.3

Along with improvements on RAD Server, the RTL, and the REST client library, there are several fixes and enhancements in the database area of the product worth considering. -- Read blog post.

Two Small RAD Studio 10.2.3 Patches

Embarcadero has just released two small and focused patches providing a missing Android jar file and addressing an issue in creating new RAD Server modules in Delphi and C++Builder 10.2.3. -- Read blog post.