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October, 2017

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Why I Choose Delphi Summary

Over the summer, there has been a number of blog posts on this topic, but I haven't seen a complete list. Here it goes. -- Read blog post.

My Courses on the New Embarcadero Academy

Embarcadero Academy launched last month, and I do have 3 classes on the Object Pascal language on it, with more to come. -- Read blog post.

Talking at ITDevCon 2017, Tomorrow

I realized I failed to mention I'm going to talk at a conference in Rome, Italy, tomorrow October 11th and Thursday the 12th, -- Read blog post.

Implementing AJAX and JSONP Support in RAD Server for ExtJS

Last week at ITDevCon in Rome I’ve given a session about using Sencha ExtJS with RAD Server as backend. For that session I used AJAX calls, but now I’ve also implemented the JSONP support, which provides an alternative in terms of cross-domains calls in browsers. -- Read blog post.

Delphi Blogs of the Month #56

It has been way more of a month after I blogged my last collection of links, news, and more. Here is a rather long list of blog posts you might have missed. -- Read blog post.