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August, 2017

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Delphi Tokyo Release 1 or 10.2.1 is Now Available

Embarcadero has just made available RAD Studio Tokyo Release 1 (formerly known as Update 1). -- Read blog post.

Quality Portal and Tokyo Release 1

The RAD Studio 10.2.1 release was focused on bug fixing and addressed some of the most voted issues reported by customers in Quality Portal. This is some overall status information. -- Read blog post.

Creators Update BPL Loading Issue and Tokyo Release 1

As mentioned in the release notes of Tokyo 10.2.1, the latest release of RAD Studio addresses the issues caused by Creators Update DLL and BPL loading -- Read blog post.

Workaround for FMX Memory Leaks on Windows in 10.2.1

Here is a relatively simple workaround for a memory leak on termination of FireMonkey Windows applications with Tokyo Release 1. -- Read blog post.

RAD Studio 10.2.1 HotFix for iOS AdHoc Deployment

We released a hotfix to address a regression in RAD Studio Tokyo Release 1 related with AdHoc deployment for iOS -- Read blog post.

Using Delphi Parse API with Any Parse Server Hosting

Given Parse was retired earlier this year, does it make sense to keep the Parse components in Delphi and how can you still use them? -- Read blog post.