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October, 2013

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Assorted Delphi XE5 Links #2

Another round of relevant Delphi XE5 blog posts and videos, too many to blog and comment on each separately, but worth a look in case you missed those. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE5 Anonymous ShowModal and Android

FireMonkey in Delphi XE5 introduces a new mechanism for working with modal dialog boxes, due to the fact that the old model is not directly supported on Android. -- Read blog post.

FireDAC in Delphi XE5

XE5 ships with a fully integrated version of FireDAC for the first time. -- Read blog post.

My CodeRage 8 Sessions

Today is the second day of CodeRage 8, and I've giving two sessions on Delphi XE5, covering DataSnap and the new REST Client Library. -- Read blog post.

More European Conferences: DAPUG, EKON, ITDevCon, BE-Delphi

In the next month, I'll give keynotes and other sessions at quite a few Delphi european conferences. This is a short summary. See you there if you can attend. -- Read blog post.

Assorted Delphi XE5 Links #3 (Mostly CodeRage8)

Some more Delphi XE5 links you might have missed, mostly related to CodeRage 8 sessions. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE5 Update 1 Available

The first update for Delphi XE5 and RAD Studio XE5 has been released today. -- Read blog post.