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March, 2013

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FireDAC Tip#1: Installation

I'm going to publish a few blog posts about FireDAC, starting with some installation notes. -- Read blog post.

FireDAC Tip#2: First Application

Now that you have installed FireDAC, it is time to build a first simple application. -- Read blog post.

Speaking about Delphi iOS in Milan (Italy) and Zeist (Netherlands)

Next Wednesday I'll take part in the Delphi XE3 RAD Tour event in Milan, Italy, while the following Monday I'll be speaking at the SD Event in Zeist, near Utrecht. -- Read blog post.

Delphi iOS Mobile Preview Webinar Replay

Replay of last month webinar in iOS development with Delphi is available. -- Read blog post.

Twitter Search Client on iOS

Migrated a very simple Twitter Search REST client to iOS today for Developer Direct. Here is a screenshot. -- Read blog post.

Showing Delphi iOS Apps in Zeist

Yesterday I showed a few iOS apps built with Delphi at the SD Event in Zeist, Netherlands. -- Read blog post.

VCL or FireMonkey: Short Take

A very short description of the key differences between the two libraries. -- Read blog post.

Class Operators in Delphi

Delphi coming ARM compiler (for iOS) adds a nice feature to the language. Class operators overloading. -- Read blog post.