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July, 2012

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Italian Delphi Day 2012 Report (by Marco Breveglieri)

Marco Breveglieri has posted a link to a 18 pages report about the Italian Delphi Day (written in Italian) -- Read blog post.

Apple 1 Year Warranty and European Laws And a Mail I Got

Italian regulation authorities are in a direct fight with Apple over the terms its hardware warranty, which has to be 2 years according to European regulations. Apple just emailed me my 1 year warranty is now gone... -- Read blog post.

Help Update 6 for Delphi and C++Builder XE2

Embarcadero has released yet another help update for Delphi XE2. Getting better little by little. -- Read blog post.

Free Mida VCL to FireMonkey Converter Embarcadero Edition

Mida is a VCL to FireMonkey converter I've used and already blogged about. Thanks to a deal with Embarcadero, there is a Basic Edition free for XE2 registered users. -- Read blog post.

FireMonkey Links #3

Lots of news: TMS FireMonkey Grid, FireMonkey Insane Demo, FireMonkey Labs, MIDA FireMonkey Converted Embarcadero edition -- Read blog post.

Microsoft Reappearing Ballot Screen

Yesterday the EU Antitrust Commission opened an investigation with Microsoft, today the company delivered a patch (but oddly phrased). Very timely. -- Read blog post.