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June, 2007

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From Web Maps to Case Sensitive Languages

I worked on a web map during the weekend... and found (among other things) what people can end up doing with case sensitive languages, like JavaScript. -- Read blog post.

Auto Updating and Tracking Users

A question I'm asking myself is how (and how much) to track users, while they updating my Delphi application (or asking for updates). -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2007 Special Thanks

I bumped into this hidden Delphi 2007 dialog with special thanks to a group of great Delphi developers who helped CodeGear. -- Read blog post.

Italian Delphi Day 2007 plus Nick, Unicode, Microsoft , and More

We had a very nice event yesterday, with 100 developers taking part in the 5th Delphi Day organized in Italy by my company, Wintech Italia Srl, with the help of CodeGear. -- Read blog post.

My Take on the New Delphi Roadmap

CodeGear has released a new Delphi roadmap. This is very good news in itself, but what about the details? -- Read blog post.

Vista and Non-Setup Programs

Vista has an interesting way to determine if a program is a setup program: the program name! -- Read blog post.

Google Maps with a Delphi Server

Beside using a Google Map inside a Delphi application, you can write a custom server hosting maps, providing dynamic data to it. -- Read blog post.

CodeGear People: David I, Steve Trefethen

David I is still at Borland/CodeGear after 22 years, while Steve Trefethen is leaving the company. -- Read blog post.

Delphi is the VCL

The Delphi Roadmap and the Role and Future of the VCL. A long post linking to many sources and providing my point of view. -- Read blog post.

If With is Considered Harmful, What About Double With?

I use the with statement, sparingly, but using a with statement with multiple data structure is not something I like, but the VCL does it. -- Read blog post.

Router Configuration Lost

Yesterday the blog was no accessible, but the server was running fine... -- Read blog post.

EKON 11 / EuroDevCon 07 next September

I'm scheduled to speak at the joint EKON 11 / EuroDevCon 07 conference, scheduled for September 25th-27th in Frankfurt, Germany. -- Read blog post.

Delphi is the VCL, Feedback

Not all feedback to my "Delphi is the VCL" post is here on the blog... plus, some clarifications. -- Read blog post.