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November, 2005

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Support OpenDocument

The OpenDocument Format is hitting the headlines because of Massachusetts decision and an interesting petition to Microsoft. -- Read blog post.

My Borcon BOF Sessions

I'm going to moderate two BOF sesions at BorCon (next week) on AJAX and InstantObjects. -- Read blog post.

Borcon, Sunday

I'm at the Borland Conference... and here are my first impressions. -- Read blog post.

Borcon, Monday

A day spent hearing tutorials... and preparing my own presentations. -- Read blog post.

Tod Nielsen, Borland CEO

Borland has a new CEO. He worked with developers and seems smart... first impression at Borcon was positive. -- Read blog post.

BorCon, Tuesday

The Conference has started, with the intro keynote, Delphi 2006 presentations by R&D members, and more. -- Read blog post.

BorCon, Wednesday

Another day at the conference, with me on stage with Boz at the keynote, and a couple of more talks done, plus a surpise for tomorrow. -- Read blog post.

BorCon, Thursday

The last day of the Borland Conference was not full of surprises, but the Spirit of Delphi Award was issued... -- Read blog post.

My BOF on Ajax

There was a lot of interested around the BoF session I presented at BorCon, from people who attended and many who missed it. AJAX is hot! -- Read blog post.

Delphi 2006, Italian Launch Event

Yesterday in Milan I took part in the Italian Delphi 2006 lauch event, presenting some of the new features of the product. -- Read blog post.

SOAP, REST, and the KISS rule

If SOAP is getting all headlines, I tend to prefer REST-based Web Services... not only because they are simpler, but also because they are more effective. -- Read blog post.

Software I use

You can tell a lot about a programmer from the software he uses. This is a list of what's on my PC, starting with Firefox. -- Read blog post.

BorCon 2005 Pictures

Pictures from the conferences are on my other site. -- Read blog post.

Busy with CF

I'm busy with a CF app... and going to travel and teach seminars. -- Read blog post.