Over the next few days I'll be moving this blog to a new VM, based on different VM technology, and hosted by a different physical server at a new IP address. Everything seems to be ready for the change, but some disruption is expected, as not everything is binary compatible.

In case you are curious, this was recently running in a Debian VM on a Windows server running VMware. The new systems is based on ProxMox VE and therefore I've created a new VM based on the same Debian VM kernel, but with slightly different libraries -- so not everything is perfectly compatible.

Now because the blog engine uses XSLT for generating the final HTML, and the XSLT library is not identical, I had a fix a few transformation scripts slightly. I might have missed some, I'll keep fixing them over time.

PS. I originally planned migrating the blog to a new engine, and still considering it, but I decided to complete this server migration first -- as I can save money while having a more powerful server hosting multiple VMs.