Facebook Privacy Policy Voting: a Debacle?

As you probably know, Facebook is holding a vote on its new privacy policy. Heralded as a great democratic move, it might become another fiasco (after the IPO debacle).

Italian Delphi Day 2012 in Tweets

A bunch of tweets by a few friends covering the event last week (with 80+ attendees).

Italian Delphi Day 2012 Pictures

A few assorted pictures from TweetPic and other sources.

My InterBase ToGo Webinar Tomorrow

I just finished recording, editing, and uploading the material for a Webinar I'm doing for Embarcadero tomorrow, on "How to Embed InterBase into your Delphi Applications".

Interbase ToGo Webinar Notes

First edition of the webinar done, two more to go. A document with notes, links, and some code is available.