Amazon S3 Clients for Delphi XE2

I've written articles and published source code for native Amazon S3 clients written in Delphi XE2, both VCL and FireMonkey.

Why Skype used Delphi?

Skype engineers describe why the picked Delphi for the Windows version (a rather old link in my "to blog" list).

From Delphi to Android

Android is bigger and bigger every day. What does this mean for Delphi programmers, how can you move knowledge and code? How can you program in Object Pascal for Android? An overview of the current options in a rapidly moving area.

Delphi and Facebook Base64 Url Encoding

Was working on a Delphi server used to build a Facebook application, when I bumped into an odd Base64 decoding issue. Thanks to some very approximate Facebook documentation.

Delphi Developer Days 2012 Very Early Bird and Guest Speakers

The very early bird singup for Delphi Developer Days 2012 (with 25% discount) expires in a few days. Plus, book early as we might end up room in some cities. Plus, we ahve the guest speakers list.

The Pascal Spring (by Verity Stob)

Very amusing new piece by Verity Stob about the Sons of Kahn, featuring Delphi XE2 and FreeAndNil

Visiting Alabama

I've been on a trip to the US last week, and quite busy, so I didn't post to the blog for quite long. Trying to catch up now, but first a short summary of the trip.