January 3, 2012

Why Skype used Delphi?

Skype engineers describe why the picked Delphi for the Windows version (a rather old link in my "to blog" list).

This page on Quora about Skype is quite old (two years, which in the Internet age is a lot!), but wasn't linked much and wasn't linked by myself although I did blog about Delphi and Skype several times. Came to my attention last month, and now that I'm doing my new year email cleaning up, find it is still worth sharing.

Original link on  http://www.quora.com/Skype/What-programming-language-was-Skype-originally-written-in?mid=55546 . I think it is very relevant for Delphi, even if the decision appears somewhat casual. 




Why Skype used Delphi? 

Yes, indeed, the decision seems somewhat casual... but 
there is no doubt that they were fully convinced with 
the results. The best choice without any doubt.
Comment by Servando Pestano [http://twitter.com/servandopestano] on January 4, 18:06

Why Skype used Delphi? 

I think Skype had invested a lot of efforts on Delphi 
code. Skype has built their own VCL libraries. But now 
as industry leader, Skype might switch from Delphi to 
other languages. According to the leads above, they uses 
C++ for backend already. 
Comment by Qian Xu [http://mmjd.com/] on January 5, 07:15

Why Skype used Delphi? 

 Delphi is the best lang thats why
Comment by Mel on September 23, 09:44

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