Delphi 2010 Handbook in the Works

I'm working on a new book specifically covering new features of the latest version of Delphi, like I did for the last two versions. Will take time to be ready, but I'm trying to figure out a ebook subscription business model.

Boot Failure (while Migrating to Windows 7)

I tried to migrate to Windows 7, only to have a computer that could not boot for almost 24 hours.

CodeRage 4 Starts Tomorrow

The Embarcadero Online Technical conference, with lots of Delphi 2010 talks, starts tomorrow.

Installing Window 7 (From Scratch)

After too many tentative upgrades, I finally decided to install Windows 7 from scratch... along with all of the software I use!

Summary of CodeRage 4 Online Conference

I was a little busy in the week-end, so this is my summary of the online conference of the last week.

Sorry Adobe, What Are You Asking For?

Nice empty dialog from Adobe Reader on Windows 7.

Local Versus Web Applications (and Office Suites)

The debate on the growing role of web applications versus traditional local applications (native or managed) is ongoing, and will last more time... here are a couple of interesting points of view, along with some ideas of mine.

Creative Blog Spam

I've seen some creative spam in the comments of my blog...

AdSense in Maps

Google has announced AdSense support for Google Maps hosted on your site.

Source Code for CodeRage4 Presentation and More Conferences

The source code of my CodeRage4 presentations is now available for download, while I'm preparing for new events starting next week.