Back from Corse, a New Delphi

Back from my vacation in Corse, I found the announcement of the new Delphi 2009 you've probably already seen.

Google Chrome is Not Merely a Browser

Google has announced the release of a new web browser for today. Called "Chrome" is is way more than a browser, as it is almost a complete operating system in itself.

Speaking at Firebird Conference 08 in Bergamo

I'll be speaking at the Sixth International Firebird Conference (FB Con 08) to be help in Bergamo (Italy) later this month.

Presenting Delphi 2009 in Italy (plus a Workshop)

I'm going to take part in the Italian presentation of Delphi 2009, to be held in Milan and Rome on September 16 and 18. In October, I'll run a two days workshop.

InterBase 2009 Launched (And Delphi 2009 Shipping)

Embarcadero today launched InterBase 2009 and started shipping Delphi 2009.

CodeGear Forums on NewsWhat

I've found some time to setup the new CodeGear forums on my newswhat.com web sites (the delphi. and the dev. versions)... but writing to the groups is an issue.

Delphi 2009 Trial

The Delphi 2009 trial version is available and comments are starting to appear...

Delphi 2009, Milan and Rome

Yesterday and tomorrow are the dates for the Italian launch of Delphi 2009, featuring also ER/Studio.

Fun with Delphi 2009

Want to have some fun with Delphi 2009? Here comes the most useful exception and a product manager meeting a shark.

Speaking at SDN Conference 2008 in the Netherlands

I'll be speaking at the SDN Conference 2008 , taking place October 6th and 7th in Noordwijkerhout (not far from Amsterdam).

Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous

Ever seen three nested anonymous method calls in Delphi? Here is a real world example, written for the book and a talk.

Before Anonymous Methods

The post I made yesterday on anonymous methods, a new feature in Delphi 2009, stirred controversy. Here are some more thoughts

Firebird Conference 2008

I spent the end of the last week at the Firebird Conference 2008 in Bergamo, giving talks on using Delphi with the open source database server.