One Year of Blog

This blog is exaclty one year old... so the question comes: was the effort worth?

Delphi 2006 Free Tools (Almost a Secret)

Registered users of Delphi 2006 can download special free versions of Castalia, CodeHealer, Beyond Compare Differ, and (for the C++ camp) BuilderBoost. Did you know and how did you find out?

10 days of Turbos

The new Turbo editions of Delphi have been released ten days ago. Here is some more info.

BDS 2006 Hotfix Rollup

New updates for Delphi 2006 are available to download... and they can be applied to the Turbo editions as well.

Turbo Explorer License

In the talkback of a recent post, a reader raised a problem with the Turbo Explorer license...

EuroDevCon and Firebird Conference

The European Borland/DevCo Conference starts tomorrow... while another interesting conference in Europe covers the Firebird Database next month.

2006 EuroDevCon / EKON 10, Day 1

First day at the conference in Frankfurt... nothing major, so this will be a short report.

2006 EuroDevCon / EKON 10, Day 2

I gave two talks today, attended a speakers session, and I'm now relaxing...