Delphi Day 2006

My company is hosting a free meeting for Italian Delphi users and expecting over 100 Delphi developers to gather in Piacenza.

Life after Borland (Allen Bauer on Bitwise Magazine)

A milestone article for understanding where DevCo could be heading... once it becomes a company.

Matching Delphi High Standard

A newsgroup post underlines that when you are used to Delphi (and the VCL), most of the other tools out there seem far from great, particularly in user interface development.

Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet is coming... and few people are trying it out.

Delphi... Turbo?

Is there a new version of Delphi coming?

Delphi 2006 Hot Fixes (4 + 2), and Informal Ones

More official and informal fixes coming out from Borland for Delphi 2006. This is good news...

Nick joins DevCo, Delphi Team

Nick Hodges, long time Delphi fellow, is the new Delphi Product Manager for the soon-to-be DevCo. A great opportunity for him, the company, and the entire Delphi community.

DevCo Positive Mood

Several excited blog posts, new hires, and the announcement of the first DevCo Conference add up to the great mood the DevCo startup seems to be in.

Software Wars (by Steven Hilton)

An interesting way to "depict" the status of the software world.

Customers on a Google Map

In the recent weeks I've played a little with customized Google Maps... using Delphi clients and Delphi data alongside.

Nick and Delphi IDE bugs

Nick Hodges (the new Delphi product manager) has asked for help to compile a list of the most annoying bugs...