December 24, 2012

Written in Delphi: TopStyle 5

TopStyle is a great CSS and HTML editor written in Delphi. I've been using it for some time, and the new version 5 seems really great.

TopStyle is a great CSS and HTML editor written in Delphi. I've been using version 4 for some time as my primary HTML and JS editor and I like it a lot. In my early days, I was an avid user of HomeSite, originally written (in Delphi) by Nick Bradbury but later sold to Macromedia. Later Nick started building TopStyle, but was "distracted" by the success of FeedDemon. So he sold TopStyle to Stefan van As, who is continuing development at a top notch level. You know, lots ot software written in Delphi is really making inroads!

For more information refer to:

I have to admit I have not time to test the new version, but given how much I like the previous one, I'm pretty sure this will be great. Needless to say, when I can use a great application written in Delphi, I'm all for it!

PS: More than happy to host other great applications written in Delphi on my blog. Email me program information (whether you wrote it or are just a user), and I'll blog about it if I find it valuable.





Written in Delphi TopStyle 5 

Thank you, Marco, I'll definitely try it.

I'm always interested to look at other programs written 
in Delphi. Which libraries and control sets use other 
developers? What technologies can we bring into play to 
create a succesfull product? It's very interesting for 
Comment by Kryvich [] on December 24, 13:58

Written in Delphi TopStyle 5 

 It's fantastic, indeed.
Comment by Michael on December 24, 14:12

Written in Delphi TopStyle 5 

It would be great to have such tool for FMX styling.
Currently, it is very hard creating styles for FMX.
Comment by Markus Ja on December 24, 15:33

Written in Delphi TopStyle 5 


Don't know if this was ever posted here, but Smart 
Mobile Studio is written in Delphi by two(maybe more, 
don't know exactly) extremely capable developers: Eric 
Grange and Lennart Aasenden.

I don't think there's shortage of high quality 
applications built in Delphi, I know Asus has quite a 
few applications built in Delphi and many others as 
well, a few months ago I got a project from a big 
company, I was stunned to find out how many 
applications are part of the whole project, all built 
in Delphi!!

IMHO, Delphi isn't getting enough spotlight, there are 
still a ton of developers out there that don't event 
know what Delphi is, to make things worst, the ad 
networks show ads based on your interests, if you 
don't know what Delphi is and you search for C#/Java/C
++ code, there's a very small chance of ever getting 
hit by an ad that will make you find out about Delphi.

Anyhu', Merry Christmas to you all!!
Comment by Dorin Duminica [] on December 24, 17:36

Good Quality Applications Built With Delphi 

Good Quality Applications Built With Delphi

The Bat! Email Client 
Comment by Dev{eloper} Stonez [] on December 24, 19:18

Written in Delphi TopStyle 5 

 Topstyle is Wonderful but if is written in delphi, why the author 
don't write it in xe3 with firemonkey and make a version for Mac 
OSX. I need it to work on mac. 
Comment by Mario Aprea [] on December 30, 06:59

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