December 31, 2012

Vote For Delphi on Code2012

There is an interesting developer poll, Code 2012, you should vote if you are a developer, and vote for Delphi if you use it along with other languages.

There is an interesting developer poll, made from tweets with the hastag #code2012. It was started by @deadprogram, of The Hybrid Group. Given the background of the proponents if seems geared towards Ruby and JVM languages, but it should be open, a reason to encourage all Delphi developers to vote for thier language along with any other language they've used in 2012.

You can track the hourly votes at or get a compelte graph with rankings (also for 2011) at Since I tweeted yesterday (see below) Delphi has gone from a handful of votes to 50. I think we should be able to get into the top 20 chart.

Again, to participate post a message on twitter with the hashtag #code2012 and the word Delphi along with other langauges you are using. Happy coding.




Vole For Delphi on Code2012 

Interesting that languages I hadn't even heard of 
before ("Haskell"?) at this moment enjoys quite a 
lead over Delphi.

I have been using mostly C# over the past three years 
and I hope to return to Delphi some day. I expect 
some of the kinks mentioned by Verity Stob last week 
has been worked out by then.

Happy New Year everybody!
Comment by Rune on December 31, 14:58

Vole For Delphi on Code2012 

With that "vole" typo in the title I thought you were a 
reader of The Reg ;) 
Comment by Eric [] on December 31, 15:13

Vole For Delphi on Code2012 

Why delphi must to be delphi in top positions ? I think that community 
must choose your tools. Today i think that delphi is not a top option. why 
? I dont know but is real. Anyway, i love delphi but .... ¿? In the next two 
or three years i think that this situation it will be clear, but not today or 
the next year.

Comment by vicmar on December 31, 15:42

Vote For Delphi on Code2012 

Two things. First I fixed the title. Second, I think Delphi is used by way 
more developers than it looks in some of these polls. Because few Delphi 
developers follow threads in the Java / JVM / Ruby world. I'm not asking 
to cheat, just raising awareness of this poll in the Delphi community, to 
see if we can make it represent the real world. Well, in that case I guess 
COBOL should be much higher! 
Comment by Marco Cantu [] on December 31, 15:47

I have no account on Twitter 

Hi Marco.

I have no account on Twitter.  I guess there is no
other way to vote.

Anyway, let us go on Delphi!

Al Gonzalez.
Comment by Al Gonzalez [] on January 16, 15:10

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