August 9, 2013

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap

There is a new RAD Studio Mobile roadmap available on Embarcadero Developer Network, which mentions also a couple of features beyond mobile...

There is a new RAD Studio Mobile roadmap available on Embarcadero Developer Network. While the focus on Delphi and C++Builder mobile support for iOS and Android, there are also a couple of features mentioned that go beyond mobile. The complete set of slides is at:

Here are a few elements worth underlining:

  • NDK-based Android Platform support
  • Advertising and Payments
  • InterBase Lite on Android
  • REST Client Framework and Mobile BaaS (Business as a Service) Support

In terms of expected timing and availability, below is the timing slide while the indication is the packaging will be similar to XE4, with the optional Mobile Pack for Delphi Professional. Enterprise level editions are indicated to include all platforms. Here is the timing slide of the Roadmap (an estimate, as you can read in the fine print):


PS. Notice the active offers: free 6 month maintenance if you buy a new Delphi license of selected editions; and upgrade price for developers on Delphi 2009 and before in case they buy with 1 year maintenance. Details on Buy Delphi today, get ready for a mobile future.




Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

I sincerely hope that the order in "Beyond iOS &
Android" isn't actually indicative of the order you're
considering working on things.  While it certainly
seems like a fun diversion for your engineers, I
really can't imagine your customers are clamoring for
FireMonkey on Google Glass and the Pebble before Linux
or Windows 8.  If they are then God help us, because
I've obviously wasted *way* too much time believing
you guys would eventually support the platforms we
need you to (and which you supported in the past).
Comment by Craig Peterson [] on August 9, 15:24

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

Craig, I agree with your stance in terms of importance, but it is nice to 
support some of the future platforms early. With platforms Delphi 
supported in the past you mean Linux, right?

As for Windows 8 (I guess you mean RT) is troublesome, as it is 
extremely fragmented: Intel desktop with RT also, ARM desktop with RT 
only, Phone with RT (which are not all of the Win phones being sold)... 
and, no, it isn't a single versions of the RT API.

We are investigating...
Comment by Marco Cantu [] on August 9, 15:42

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

And Windows Phone ? No plans for it ?
Comment by Marlon Souza on August 9, 17:14

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

 Why not InterBase Lite for Windows?
Comment by InterBase Lite [] on August 9, 17:44

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

I am disappointed. No desktop, no Win32, no Win64, no
enhanced VCL, no improved GUI, no .net free IDE, no
working Help ...
Comment by Marcus on August 9, 18:12

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

Honestly speaking I would like to see native API
wrappers for Mac OSX, iOS, Android.

Currently the Windows API headers are translated to
Pascal code at 99%+.

I would love to see that coverage for Mac OSX as well.

If you do so you will give plenty of room for
component developers and the Delphi components market
may eventually grow to what is was 10 years ago.
Comment by Gad D Lord [] on August 9, 20:31

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

 If that's the latest "mobile" road map, how come the
comments go back to 2012. Maybe someone forgot to
reset them?

And by the way, we've had a few "Mobile" roadmaps now
with no "Delphi" roadmap. Ignoring most of our
demographic here me thinks (I think I can understand
why though - nothing to report !! ).  
Comment by Robert [] on August 9, 22:09

Updated Delphi Mobile Roamap 

This also bothers me. It's unnerving that there is no 
mention to Desktop or Windows 8.

I know WinRT is difficult. Are there any news regarding 
WinRT? What about ARM? 
Comment by Leonardo Herrera on August 14, 17:29

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