September 7, 2007

Two Years of Blog

It has been two years I started this blog.

It has been two years I started this blog. I posted 318 blog entries (including this one), got tons of feedback (3,108 messages), and hundreds of references and links from other blogs and web sites, including a prominent link on CodeGear home. In fact, myblog home has a nice Google PageRank of 5 (I have a long story about Google PageRank and penalties, due to some recent consulting work on a related problem, but that's for another day).

Most of all, the blog has become a relevant forum for discussion of Delphi, CodeGear, and related topics, even hosting comments from relevant people in the company. That's why I'll try to make my best to keep it alive, despite the fact it takes a lot of time to manage it. In the near future I plan posting the 100+ footnotes of my coming Delphi 2007 Handbook, once or twice a day, although I need to add a "scheduler" to the blog software to be more regular in this effort. Stay tuned...



Two Years of Blog 

Doesn't your shoulder hurt when you pad yourself on
the back?
Comment by Amused on September 7, 13:43

Two Years of Blog 

Amused, that's just... unpleasant.  (And it's 'pat'
not 'pad'.)

Marco, congratulations!  This is a great blog, and I
find it a great Delphi resource.
Comment by David M on September 10, 03:25

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