January 25, 2011

Tweets and Retweets #1

Updates about myself and the Delphi world, via tweets I posted and tweets I retweeted. Possibly the first of a regular series.

Since I need a way to share links and short pieces of information rapidly, and in most cases I do tweet about these links (or repost tweets by others), I've decided to start posting updates about myself and the Delphi world, via tweets I posted and tweets I retweeted. Of source, this is a duplicate if you follow me on twitter (which I encourage you to do).

Since I plan turning this post into a regular series, I made the effort of writing a Delphi application that goes into my twitter stream, follows retweets, get the images and the proper links, and produces the HTML you see below. I can certainly make the program available, if anyone is interested. Needless to say, this is not a complete list, but I pick from the full list the most relevant "tweets and retweets".

 PS. Don't forget my Delphi REST webinar later today.

Delphi Insider Blog on "Delphi Developer Days 2011" (our event) at http://bit.ly/h8SseZ
RT @kylix_rd: Windows 64 bit calling convention and stack frame design are so that no RSP changes needed until a call or ret.
RT @jimmckeeth: Interview with Allen Bauer @kylix_rd about Delphi for Mac, Linux, 64-Bit and more! http://bit.ly/htdwXg Please RT.
RT @danieleteti: My new white paper is on line: "Mobile Application Development: Connecting with PHP REST Servers from Android" http://alturl.com/wgiot
Opinions, experience, ideas about “Razor" for ASP.NET (http://bit.ly/fJp4VG)? Cloning some of it in Delphi... for my REST project.
RT @embarcaderotech: David I - Head is in the cloud, feet planted firmly in the ground: Back in December I had fun conversation with ... http://bit.ly/eEhDmu
RT @mindthefirebird: Vote for Firebird in LinuxQuestions "Database of 2010 year poll": http://goo.gl/2nZo9
RT @jasonvokes: More developer apps just loaded up to Embarcadero Application Showcase http://tinyurl.com/5vp2v4e Yours up there yet?
RT @tdelchiaro: Embarcadero Webinar: Building REST-based Applications Using DataSnap in Delphi XE http://lnkd.in/u6-XKA



Tweets and Retweets 1 

Did you write a tool to create this post, or was it a 
manual process?  I've been wanting to do the same and am 
curious if you found a good solution. 
Comment by Jim McKeeth [http://delphi.org] on January 27, 18:57

Tweets and Retweets 1 


yes I wrote a Delphi program for that. Only, the HTML 
structure is hard coded for now, so it is not very 
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on January 27, 20:36

Tweets and Retweets 1 

Interesting that while people used to tweet about 
their new blog posts, now they are blogging about 
their tweets!

You'd better watch you don't end up in an infinite 
loop! ;-)

Personally, although I've spent a few weeks reading 
tweets on several different occasions, and I 
occasionally tweet myself for various purposes on 
various accounts, I just can't seem to stick with it. 
I get bored with the inanity and lack of interesting 
info. Whereas I could spend hours reading my blog 
subscriptions through google reader on the phone or 
Comment by George on February 17, 11:56

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