August 7, 2008

Tiburon Unicode Video #4

Another beta Tiburon YouTube video, covering Unicode, the fourth of the series.

Another beta Tiburon YouTube video (below), covering Unicode. This is the fourth of the series of "Beta blogging" videos. This one shows the example "UnicodeWinApi", highlighting how Tiburon redirects Win32 API calls to the "WideString" version, how smooth the migration will be, and also how to use Unicode text within the editor (something Delphi 2007 already allowed). One more video for the series, should make it available tomorrow.

Let me know if you are interested in more video demonstration of the examples in my coming "Delphi ???? Handbook"...



Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

Do you consider writing something about the UML Design
in Delphi? Create code by using property editors.

Christian Wimmer
Comment by Christian Wimmer [] on August 7, 14:17

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

 Thank you for the excellent videos. Do you know if
Tiburon will also include C++ Builder, or is it only
Delphi (as you keep saying)?
Comment by Mike [] on August 7, 15:47

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

This is a nice one!

I'd be interested in seeing more videos, but don't 
let it get in the way of finishing the book. 
Comment by Giel on August 7, 16:14

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

I would also like to see more videos.

I look forward to seeing the speed comparison video!
Comment by James Nagle on August 7, 20:40

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

Thank you, Marco, your video is interesting.
Comment by GN [] on August 8, 10:10

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

David I started to talk about Delphi 2009 *and* C++ 
Builder 2009. It looks there is a C++ release too, 
and these should be the release names.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on August 8, 11:23

Tiburon Unicode Video 4 

i would like to ask why are these videos not playing 
for me, because i have flash player.

the videos from youtube play very well, but here 
where i suppose to see a video it is just blank, but 
when i move a mouse over it shows a box like line and 
the message that comes is 'click here to activare and 
use this control' , what must i do?

if i click it continues to show me a blank space :(
Comment by Tholithemba on October 12, 14:56

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