August 6, 2008

Tiburon Unicode Video #3

My third Tiburon Unicode Video features a program that displays the full name of Unicode characters.

My third Tiburon Unicode Video is now on YouTube and linked below. The example in this video is called UnicodeData and extends the previous example by showing the formal name of the Unicode characters (a good part of them, at least). Again, this is an example in my coming Tiburòn book.



Tiburon Unicode Video 3 

“…Tiburon release that’s expected in a few months.”
I hoped it was going to “be ready” by the end of this 
Comment by Nenad on August 7, 14:58

Tiburon Unicode Video 3 

can't read text on hint and source
bad quality of video?
Comment by Andrey on August 9, 14:07

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