August 4, 2008

Tiburon Unicode Video #1

My first Tiburon Unicode Video (including audio) is now available on YouTube.

My first Tiburon Unicode Video (including audio) is now available on YouTube and linked below. Notice that I have 5 already captured, so I'm certainly going to release them even if you suggested me to focus on the book. Second, I'm using "small moving window" rather that full screen, because this is what I find works best on YouTube. Third, I'm using YouTube to save your and my bandwidth and because I cannot host them myself.

The example in this video is called FromAsciiToUnicode and is the first example in my coming "Tiburon Handbook" (no, the name will be different). Enjoy.



Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

May I suggest you to show how the 8 bit character set 
changes depending on the active codepage (maybe using 
the new <codepage> syntax)?
And why a Unicode->AnsiString->Unicode conversion may 
lead to the wrong string?
It will show why CodeGear didn't allow to 
change "string" meaning via some directive in 
Tiburon - as some are advocating.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on August 4, 14:24

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

I notice you (and others) only talk about Delphi. What
about C++ Builder?
Comment by Mike Versteeg [] on August 4, 15:39

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

 Thanks. I'm looking forward to watching the other 
Comment by Giel on August 4, 15:53

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

There is no such thing as "ASCII-8"! :-)

ASCII only defines the first 128 characters,
everything above is handled by character sets: in your
case, this is probably Windows-1252.

If someone in Poland would run your program, they
would get quite a different set of characters above 127.

I admit that I'm a bit pedantic here, but I just did
get too many texts in "ASCII" that were useless,
because nobody knew what the correct character set
they were in.

There is no such thing as "plain text". Or "ASCII-8". ;-)
Comment by Holger Dors [] on August 4, 16:11

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

The active code page and extended ASCII, ANSI,
codepages stuff is all the book. See for example:

The first chapters doesn't really cover what string
means in Tiburon, that in Chapter 2!

I tend to focus on Delphi because that's my expertise
(and I currently write book on it, although I did
write on C++ ages ago...)

I've uploaded a few more videos, will make them public 
Comment by Marco Cantù [] on August 4, 17:12

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

Could you please share your video on an other video
portal (may be google video). May be you had heard
about that YouTube is forbiddeb in Turkey.

Comment by Namık Kemal Karasu on August 4, 18:07

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

The most important question this immediately brings to
my mind....

What capturing tool are you using?


I might be interested in it myself and I like the
cursor centred capture window approach.
Comment by Jolyon Smith [] on August 5, 00:16

Delphi IE Toolbar PopupMenu problem 

Dear Sir,
I know that this is not a correct place to post this. 
But I am helpless. 
I have developed IE toolbar using Delphi 2007/2006.
I used TMSUnicode Component Pack for Unicode 
supported VCL. For dropdown menu for the toolbuttons, 
I used TntPopupmenu. The popupmenu is only visible in 
the main window of IE. It is not visible in New 
window/New Tabs of IE. 
I have put my question in all poosible forums but no 
fruitful results yet.
As a last resort, I have posted this in your blog.
I made another toolbar with native VCL without 
unicode VCL which is working fine with a few changes 
to Menus.Pas and Controls.Pas file to handle 
Popupmenus and Hints respectively.
It seems it is related to thread safety.
Can you kindly help me please.
My ID is
Thanks a lot sir.
Comment by Shaheen Akhtar [] on August 5, 09:12

Tiburon Unicode Video 1 

 Thanks, Marco! You did a good job, I wish to put
hands on your book on Tiburon as soon as it appears.
Comment by José Torres [] on August 6, 05:18

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