August 19, 2008

Tiburon will be Delphi 2009

Nick Hodges has announced the name of the new version of Delphi, with an Architect edition including ER/Studio Developer Edition.

In a blog post clarifying the scope of the coming version of Delphi (focused on native Win32 development), Nick Hodges (Delphi Product Manager) has announced the name of the new version: Delphi 2009. There will be also C++Builder 2009, and you'll be able to buy them as separate products or bound together in a single IDE. Nick claims that "Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 are the best native RAD development tools anywhere" and I tend to agree.

Nick also announced that beside the classic Professional and Enterprise versions, there will be an Architect edition including ER/Studio Developer Edition, produced by the DatabaseGear side of Embarcadero Technologies. This versions of Delphi won't have .NET support and Nick hints at a coming new Delphi .NET roadmap.

See you back on September 1st, I'll be 10 days off line, starting tomorrow. I'm heading to Corsica (or Corse), the French island very close to Italy.



Tiburon will be Delphi 2009 

Hi Marco,

thank you for your never ending informations. Now 
counting the day's do D2009 Day and have fun on 
corsica to produce the energy for the next shows :-)

regards Daniel
Comment by Daniel Magin [] on August 19, 10:00

Tiburon will be Delphi 2009 

Respected Sir,
I am in grade 7th.I live in Rego Park,NY.I am now on 
vacation to visit my granny in San Pedro, Dominican 
Republic.I found your name in my brothers book. I 
have a question. I am a little weak in Mathematics, 
and Sciences. Can I learn Delphi? My elder brother 
is learning it, but he does not want to help me to 
learn it. He thinks I am stupid.Please advise me.
Thank you so much.
Comment by David Francis on August 27, 23:51

Tiburon will be Delphi 2009 

David, you can learn Delphi even if you are a little 
weak in math and sciences - programmers often have 
very different backgrounds. And maybe it could become 
an incentive to improve your knowledge where you feel 
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on September 1, 23:34

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