I'm using Google Analytics to figure out what happens on this site. The information it delivers is not as detailed as some web stat software, because it involves only "pages" and not other types of web stats. However it delivers lots of intersting info, like a world map with the geographical distribution of users, which is quite astonishing. However, this is not the point.

The most surprising info I gathered from last reading the stats is the browser distribution:

  • Internet Explorer with 48.45%
  • Firefox with 41.38% (plus an extra 2.11% if you aggregate it with Mozilla and Netscape)

It is true that I do use Firefox and I make quite a few hits on the site... but the info is quite interesting anyway (and with the most read blog entires getting about 1,000 page views, not counting the RSS feeds, there is some traffic on the site beside my hits).

As we are to the site stats, best referers (beside my other sites) are delphifeeds.com (see link on the side menu), delphiplus.org, blogs.borland.com, and nick hodges' site. Thanks for your links. On the other hand I've noticed that advertising on this site is a disaster, with about 1% of the (limited) revenues of www.marcocantu.com. The fact that adsense sends many irrelevant ad links to the site probably matters a lot...