January 23, 2008

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi

A few Delphi experts have started republishing their past articles written for The Delphi Magazine. I'm wondering what to do...

A few Delphi experts have started republishing their past articles written for The Delphi Magazine. They include Bob Swart and Hallvard Vassbotn.

Although I did not write much for that specific magazine, I did write many articles for magazines in the early days of Delphi (and not only on Delphi, but C++ as well). These magazines, like Delphi Informant and Windows Tech Journal, have stopped publishing, and their original material (unlike The Delphi Magazine, which has an interesting collection) is not available any more.

I'm wondering what to do with my material. In theory, I could update it and include it in new books, but I know this will take a lot of time. Another alternative is to republish them as they are, in HTML format (hoping to gain some extra advertising hits and money). A similar decision is also due for my old books, including C++ books and the first few editions of Mastering Delphi, which included countless tips and techniques not available in recent books (which are still on sale). Suggestions?



Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

I vote for republishing your original articles as they
are.  I think the historical perspective would be
interesting, and it wouldn't prevent you from
including more up to date versions in future work.  It
might even help bring attention to new books.
Comment by Bruce McGee on January 23, 19:43

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

You should republish as much as you legally can. 
Every bit of information helps.

I already got thumbs up from Chris Frizelle and will 
republish my TDM articles shortly.
Comment by gabr [http://17slon.com/blogs/gabr/blogger.html] on January 23, 19:45

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

I guess you could repost them for free as is, this
doesn't cause you any (well, much) work and would be a
welcome addition to the community as the titles are
out of print, and it'd be a great shame to lose them.

You could rework & update them for the latest versions
of RAD Studio/BDS/whatever and make another book and
charge for them.

I already have the Delphi Magazine collection (totally
excellent, completely recommend it), lots of Delphi
books (including 2 "Mastering" by a certain Marco) but
I never say no to more information.

Best wishes,

Comment by Stuart Clennett on January 23, 20:01

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

Perhaps burn all of this to a CD but put as
downloadable content on a web page.  Sell for a
reasonble price.

Comment by Steve [http://www.burch-swm.com] on January 23, 22:29

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

You could always republish these articles on CodeGear
Developer Network (http://gp.codegear.com/). 

CodeGear will pay you for any published content, or if
you are not too fussed about the extra income, you can
explicitly specify that payment isn't required (which
may well speed up the publishing process too).
Comment by David Clegg [http://blogs.codegear.com/dclegg] on January 23, 23:27

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

I'm sure adversiting is good enough if you're not
putting any extra effort to publish them as is, but
consider another options, like the one mentioned by
David Clegg.

I'm thinking to produce some articles to Developer
Network in Spanish (for now only a bit is available)
or to translate existent articles from English, but I
have no idea of how much money can I earn doing that.

I'm sure a lot of people will be happy and visiting
your blog to take these tips.  I've never read your
magazine articles, only your books, but I'm sure I
will be one of the first readers if you put that
content online.
Comment by jachguate [http://jachguate.wordpress.com] on January 24, 01:59

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

What ever became of this?  Is there no way for those
new to the language, or that took a hiatus, to get the
full collection in original form, even for a small price?
Comment by David on August 20, 19:34

Republishing Articles and Books on Delphi 

David, I never really followed up on this (it is a 7 years old blog 
post). But I do have a new book covering the Object Pascal 
language from the ground up. Search "Object Pascal Handbook"
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on August 21, 14:08

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