I've helped presenting Delphi XE3 in Milan and Rome over the last two days. On Wednesday I was in Milan, with 150 developers attending. Most questions were around the future Mobile support, which was formally announced right after we finished in Rome yesterday (but that's another story). I did the sessions along with Daniele Teti. He did the initial introduction, Live Bindings, and HTMl5Builder. I covered FM2 and Windows 8 support. Here are two pictures from Milan:


In Rome we had a smaller group (as usual) of just over 50 developers, the session was well received but I have to say the differences were striking. In Rome very few had used FireMonkey and the focus of questions was less on the Mobile support, but more on Web development. Here are a few pictures of this second event:


Meanwhile, Embarcadero has announced in a press release that the world tour is doing great, with thousands of attendees worldwide (the number they refer to is 10,000). The details are at http://www.embarcadero.com/press-releases/10000-developers-flock-to-embarcadero-rad-studio-world-tour-on-windows-8-os-x-and-html5-development.

Right now I'm in Frankfurt (Germany) and I'll later reach Hidelberg for the German Delphi Tage, tomorrow. This is a slightly different event than the standard XE3 World Tour session, as it is more of a conference with parallel tracks and several speakers. This is also generally a large gathering of German developers, but I'll blog about that separately.

PS. I know my blog is a bit lagging behind. but after a severe system crash I was on the road for the last two weeks... and I'm still traveling.