March 22, 2006

Nigel Brown to manage Borland IDE business, DevCo

Nigel Brown, currently vice president of the Borland EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) region, named general manager of Borland's IDE products "division".

Allen Bauer, in his latest blog post (as usual very informative about the spin-off/disinvestiture process), announces a relevant change in Borland management. Nigel Brown has been working in Borland for over 10 yeras, first in UK and later at the European level (since September 2000). He is credited with many big deals in the ALM business and for a very strong European IDE business ("Borland’s most successful region in selling the IDE products", writes Bauer).

I've met him several time at conferences and events (although we don't know each other personally) and have good respect for his work in the company. As Allen mentions, the IDE products now form almost a separate division in the company. I also guess this puts Nigel in a relevant position as possibble head of the new DevCo... but apparently we'll have to wait quite some time on taht side, as we've reached step 4 out of 14, with the 3rd step being the public announcement of the spin-off!

Good luck, Nigel.



Nigel Brown to manage Borland IDE business, DevCo 

Nigel "Borland" (sic!), currently vice president... :)
Comment by Alex on March 22, 23:05

Nigel Brown to manage Borland IDE business, DevCo 

Alex, thanks (fixed now).
Comment by Marco Cantù [] on March 22, 23:11

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