November 9, 2005

Tod Nielsen, Borland CEO

Borland has a new CEO. He worked with developers and seems smart... first impression at Borcon was positive.

This morning at the Borland Conference as I was entering the ballroom where the intro keynote was about to be held, I was asked by a fellow developer whether I knew who was going to speak... as he had just been told that Borland had a new CEO who will show up right away. And this happened.

So Borland has a new CEO. And he spoke at the conference, as Nick reported. I was impressed. He is quite young. He used to attend Borland conferences on bahalf of Microsoft (one of his former employees along with BEA and Oracle). He was able to get in touch with the community right away. And what he told was interesting. Again, NIck has a full report. Here is what I jotted down:

In 1995 I realized: that developers ruled the world... Borland means great products, loyal customers, software development, productivity, and innovation... Anyone in the industry wants Borland to win... Borland mission is to deliver business value through successful software projects...

The first impression was very positive, we'll see what happens next. For sure, the new CEO knows what Delphi is (and this is very unusual for Dephi CEOs these days). He also sits on Trolltech board (hint, hint: maybe Kylix has hopes...). He understands marketing, which might help! And as David I said, this is a Microsoft Develoeprs Ralation person turning CEO, so I have hopes as well...



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