The DataRage 2 online conference by Embarcadero is starting tomorrow and running for three days (Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th). During the conference I'll be giving two (pre-recorded) sessions, both on Wednesday:

  • 11:00am PST (that is, 8pm CET and 7 pm in UK): Multi-tier Database Applications with Delphi 2010 (An Introduction to Delphi's 2010 renewed DataSnap architecture that lets you create multi-tier applications in an easy RAD way, delivering a lot of power and flexibility for your remote zero-configuration client application).
  • 12:00pm PST (that is, 9pm CET and 8pm in UK):  Denormalizing Databases (to the Extreme) (Following the canonical rules for your data might not be the best for "fat client", object-relational, or Web applications and relational databases these days are even used with no relational model. This session begins with a discussion of like IDs and lookups and then goes a little extreme touching on data versioning, proxies, and other non-standard approaches. From a different point of view, we'll try to see examples of database designs that best fit with Delphi standard client caching architecture).

The reason I'm mentioninng UK times is I'll be in London on Wednesday and Thurrsday for the first European stop of Delphi Developer Days 2010 (the second will be in Franskfurt over the following week --- there is still room to signup for that edition). So while I hope I'll be able to be online and do the live Q&A, I might as well have connection problems (although I was at the same hotel last year, and everything was smooth).

Beside my sessions (the second of which is quite unusual for me) check out the full program, several sessions are worth a look on database architectures, on Embarcadero database tools, on Delphi and other development tools.