You might recall I blogged about a severe hard drive failure on the server I have in a web farm (the server running this blog, on the other hand, sits in my office). I got a new machine in a web farm in Germany (and I'm really impressed by Hetzner so far, thanks to Dennis Gurock for suggesting it). After some setup and configuration effort, I've started moving sites and services to it. From tonight, my "main" site runs on that server. If you see anything not working as expected, let me know.

During the past night I started also moving my NNTP server, which hosts Italian Delphi newsgroups, my personal newsgroups, InstantObjects newsgroups (and can be reached through multiple domain names as,, and possibly a few more I failed moving!). It is likely that the newsgroup might have hiccups in the coming couple of days, also because we had to recompile it (did I ever tell you that server is a Delphi/Kylix application), port it to a newer version of FireBird). We'll keep testing it through the day... and see if we can make it work properly as soon as possible. Stay tuned.