In the next month, I'll give keynotes and other sessions at quite a few Delphi European conferences. This is a short summary:

  • DAPUG (Denmark) is a Danish user group that organizes great events. I was there already once a few years back. This time I'm co-hosting the session with my friend Cary Jensen. The event is October 22nd and 23rd (that is, it starts tomorrow). For information, There is also a special "meet the Delphi product manager" event at the end of the session.
  • EKON 17 (Germany) is a German conference that has been around since the early days of Delphi and I've spoken to in the past. This year event is in Köln in November 4th to 6th. Information at There is a great group of well-known Delphi speakers, including Cary, Nick, Ray, and Jeroen. Plus several German speakers. Sessions are in both the native language and English.
  • ITDevCon (Italy) is an Italian event, at its 5th year. On November 14th and 15th in Verona, with several international speakers, plus a good number if Italian ones. Sessions are in either languages, as well. Information at
  • Be-Delphi (Belgium) is a one day conference, with Brian, Bob, Bruno, Ray and many others. I was there last year and enjoyed it a lot. This is is on November 21st and the site is

As you can see from the list above, there are quite a few US speakers who'll spend quite some time in Europe next month, and some of us Europeans will travel a bit. If you are attending any of these events feel free to stop by, I'm interesting in listening to your success stories as well as your complains. I regularly have sessions with my US colleagues reporting back the feedback from the "road".

Finally, I'll present Delphi XE5 session in Rome on October 30th and in Luxembourg on November 20th.

As you see, I'll be on the road a lot (I'm actually at an airport right now). See you at one of these events if you can attend.