March 7, 2006

Delphi 2006 Ebook: Database Chapters

Three new chapters of my Delphi 2006 ebook, covering database support, are now available.

Today I've added three new chapters to my free Delphi 2006 ebook. The new chapters cover Delphi database support, with a particular focus on the Unicode support of the TDataset and TField classes, among others. The database section of the VCL is fully Unicode-enabled in Delphi 2006, something Borland has not underlined a lot but I find very relevant. (By the way, this can also cause some limited incompatibilities with existing Delphi database code).

I've also added a short chapter summary (with the section titles) in the main page and increased the font. I'm publishing this material on the Web using an XSLT-base conversion from the old OpenOffice 1.0 format. My plan is to move to ODF, improve it, and use it to published many more HTML-based ebooks on basic and advanced Delphi topics alike.

The problem is I'm still trying to figure out a reasonable model to get some money out of this huge effort... Google advertising is not enough, from what I can see, so some of the (advanced) material might have to be paid for. Or I might find a sponsor. We'll see. For now I still have to finish a few chapters of this Delphi 2006 ebook update for Mastering Delphi 2005.



Delphi 2006 Ebook: Database Chapters 

The links of chapters has errors; links to chapter 10.
Comment by Antonio [] on March 7, 14:04

Delphi 2006 Ebook: Database Chapters 

The link is now fixed. Thanks for the pointer.
Comment by Marco Cantù [] on March 7, 14:42

Delphi 2006 Ebook: Database Chapters 


Your work is blessed. I'm just bought the Delphi 2005 
book on amazon, and started reading it. I've also 
ready one your previous books (Was it delphi 4?).

If you want to earn more money from the on-line books 
from ads, you should (In my opinion):

1. Get rid of the referral ads, as these rarely are 
worth it.
2. Let your AdSense ads blend in, so they are not so 
obvious on the right hand.
3. Put in some ads inside the text itself. Put in a 
LinkUnit ad. You'd be surprised, but these are really 
really helpful. I added a horizontal link-unit (4 ads
), to my web sites last month. The colours are also 
blended in. The revenues were up by 50%. Amazing, it's 
really good.
4. The amazon ad is really not targeted. I'd make it 
better (Like ad for delphi books, or IDE software, or 
something). Or just lose it.
5. If people find that too many ads are in those 
pages: GOod. You can ask for money to access a ad-free 
site, or tell them to buy a hard-cover book.

Sorry for the long comment, but I'd like to see you 
get rewarded for your hard work.

Comment by Ron Mertens [] on March 7, 18:01

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