August 4, 2009

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010

Embarcadero has posted a sneak preview of the new IDE features of (drums rolls) Delphi 2010, meanwhile announcing the product name.

Embarcadero has posted a sneak preview of the new IDE features of (drums rolls) Delphi 2010. This is also the first public appearance, meanwhile announcing the product name, which is (not surprisingly) RAD Studio 2010 and Delphi 2010.

According to the page, publsihed as (and expexted to host another preview in a week time) new features include of the IDE include IDE Insight,  Code Formatter,  Class Explorer (new only in C++Builder), Data Visualizers and Debugger Thread Control.

In the video DavidI knocks on Nick Hodges office door to get the preview. Nice script... and very nice and interesting new features coming along in the next version of Delphi. Here is the video:




Why releasing in August 

I never understood why they insist to roll out new 
releases in August. That ensures the least 
visibility, especially here in Europe where many 
developers are on holiday, or about to live.
And previews now are sure to reach far less 
developers than a preview in October or March.
I am here because I usually take my holidays very 
early, but most of my colleagues are on holiday or 
will go in the next days.
Look at Microsoft: do they ever release anything in 
summer? Their marketing knows when they can target 
the maximun number of people.
Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on August 4, 12:00

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

 Nothing really new actually. I have seen the most of 
the features in some previous videos.

I really like the thread debugging. However I didn't 
understand what does the "Freezing" do. It freezes 
the thread so the thread is not running anymore or 
saying to the debugger that you don't want him to 
stop on this thread. If it is the first one then this 
feature is kinda useless if it is the second then 
this feature is uber cool.

Interesting part is they mentioned thread naming. But 
I saw in the code invoking of external function to do 
the naming. It will be good this functionality to be 
inside TThread class not outside it. 

Beside that nothing that interesting to make me say 
"I'll definitely buy Delphi 2010". Lets hope that 
language enhancements will be more breathtaking than 
these new IDE features. 
Comment by Binis on August 4, 14:08

Secret Footage 

Hey, nice preview of RS2010. Keep them coming Emb!

[I can't wait for RS2320 where multi-threading allows 
you to transmit serial data at 1150000 bps!]

That was a joke... You're supposed to be laughing by 

Seriously, what are those two other guys up to at 
7:55? It was hard to make out the screen they were 
using but it looked like Mac OS X!


A couple of things they didn't mention:

a) New IDE app icon. Will make it easier to know 
which version to run when you have multiple RS 
b) Code-name looks to be Weaver. Better than Weevil!
c) Structure view still shows new components added to 
form as source code errors.
d) CG use svn for source control. I think that was 
public anyway.
e) What's a TBetterDateTime?

Comment by Romano [] on August 4, 14:24

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

- Knock-knock
- "Hey Nick, do you got a few minutes?"

Is this reality TV Embarcadero style? ;-)
Comment by Rif on August 4, 15:08

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

That F6 Code Insight thing looks great, really useful - reminds me of 
Quicksilver here on the Mac.

Is it too late for the team to consider allowing us to map the (largely 
pointless and redundant) Caps Lock key to to what F6 does in this demo 

And if I've got anyone's attention here - can we please control the colour 
of the wavy syntax underline symbol in the code window - that hard-
coded red drives me nuts. I've been wanting that changing since 2007... 
Comment by Rob Uttley [] on August 4, 15:34

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

 After looking at the preview I am impressed but on
second thought I feel that all the functionality that
they are talking about can easily be added to current
IDE by releasing Experts.
Comment by Yogi Yang on August 4, 15:58

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

After reviewing the embedded video, I feel I saw 
enough to justify an upgrade to 2010 for myself.  I 
held off an upgrade to D2009 since I felt it did not 
have enough to move from D2007 (since Unicode was not 
a requirement "in my case"). If I was using D6 or 7, 
sure it would have been a good update.  But not from 

What I wanted to see in a new release was enhancements 
that made coding in Delphi easier, faster, and 
smarter.  Even though I saw a lot in the short 
presentation video, I hope there are a lot more other 
enhancements to take advantage of.  

It's time to be in a positive mood again towards 
Delphi and who-ever owns that product.  It seems the 
good times are usually every 3 years.

Delphi2-3 (good times)
Delphi4-5 (4 and 5, so-so years)
Delphi6-7 (good times)
Delphi 8-2005 (bad times, the dark years)
Delphi 2006 (bug fixes, it needed to be done)
Delphi 2007 (good times)
Delphi 2008 (I guess we went to sleep here)
Delphi 2009 (not really bad, just not really good)
Delphi 2010 (it's time for time good times again)


Delphi 2011 - never stop improving, and don't rest on 
your laurels.  Don't put "all" your eggs into the new 
emerging technologies.  Even though the editor is 
better than the competitions, keep doubling the 
enhancement experience with each release (it looks 
like you did it in 2010).  

I'm sure if this is done (and the company does not get 
sold off again), the nay-sayers and the completely 
outrageous ranters might quiet down. 
Or just die off.  
Easy (emb)... those aren't the ideas I was talking 
Comment by Brett Graffin [] on August 4, 17:19

IDE Sneak Preview of RAD Studio 2010 

 We want stable releases not like old releases I 
think if they want to release new version every year 
this mean little feathers and more bugs !!
 Also there are important things not added till now 
like for example undo/redo in design time that all 
stupid languages supported it since long time and I 
think this features will not added even in Delphi 2020
Comment by abuabdullah on August 10, 09:15

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